How to Buy

Our goal is to make the purchase process as smooth and friction-free as possible.

Finding the Right Name

All domains offered by Brandworthy.Domains can be accessed by Direct Navigation and searching/browsing our main site Brandworthy.Domains.

Direct Navigation

When you type the URL of any domain we own you'll arrive on the landing page providing information to help you determine if that domain is right for you. The page will also include clear options to either Buy, Make an Offer or Enquire about the domain.

Searching Brandworthy.Domains

You can also browse and search for domains on this site. All domains are categorised, and you can quickly sort and filter the domains we list. Once you find a domain you like you can use the transaction methods listed on the landing page for that name.

Buying Options

Many of our names are offered with Buy-It-Now pricing, with others open to offers and information requests.


Many domains owned by Brandworthy.Domains are listed with "Buy-It-Now" fixed pricing. The "Buy-It-Now" price is the price you can pay today to own the domain in question, and once you make payment the name will be transferred to your ownership. If the price is negotiable, you'll also see an option to "Make Offer".

Buy-It-Now transactions take place via a secure checkout page. We accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Once payment is confirmed we will start the transfer process and work with you until the domain is fully in your ownership.

Make Offer

In some cases the Make Offer option may be available, and we request that you make a reasonable offer for the name you are interested in. We will then respond to you offer with an acceptance or counter-offer.


In some cases names may be listed without Buy-It-Now pricing or Make Offer options. These domains may or may not be open to offers at this time, so feel free to send an enquiry and we'll answer promptly. Please note that some domains listed may be reserved for various reasons e.g. the domain may not be for sale, or the domain might be under active negotiation with another prospective buyer.

Making Payment

Online Payment

After selecting the Buy-It-Now option you will be taken to the secure checkout page. Our payment provider accepts VISA, Mastercard and Amex.

Simply enter your personal and card details into our secure checkout form and your payment will be transacted. Once your payment is confirmed we will begin the transfer process.

We're happy to support payment via for added security and piece of mind. Just Contact Us to arrange the transaction.

Security Checks

In order to prevent fraud we may require extra details from the buyer before the domain transfer process commences. In these cases we will contact you in order to verify these details. The security check should take no longer than 1-2 working days. These checks help protect our marketplace so please be patient if your payment does require additional checks.

The Transfer Process

Once payment is confirmed we will commence the transfer process. You have 2 options available for transfer, with the main difference being the duration required for transfer completion:

Same Registrar "Push"

This is the fastest way to receive your new domain name. Pushing a domain to another account at the current domain registrar (known as a "push") can be completed in minutes or hours. We use multiple registrars, and we'll let you know once your payment is confirmed how to set up an account at the current registrar. We'll be in touch to assist shortly after you make payment.

Regular Transfer (Different Registrars)

In this case we'll provide you with an EPP code which will allow you to initiate the transfer at your registrar of choice. This method usually takes between 2 and 5 days to complete. We'll be in touch to assist with the transfer after your purchase is confirmed.

Have Questions?

You can Email us anytime:


Or call us:

+66 (0)84 879 0734

Please note: Our local time is UTC+7. That's CEST+5, EDT+11 and PDT+14. If you leave a message please include your timezone details and we will return your call at an appropriate time.

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